Asagohan” Japanese style breakfast / 23                                                                
Steamed rice with “Furikake” seasoning, grilled salmon marinated in shio-koji (fermented rice), tamagoyaki (egg omelette), kobachi (marinated vegetables), tsukemono (pickles), miso soup        
Bacon & Egg Roll / 10                                                                                                      
Berkelo bread roll, grilled bacon, organic eggs, rocket, kewpie mayo, Monaka chutney

Toast w jams / 6                                                                                                    
Choose from peanut butter, vegemite, nutella, strawberry, raspberry jams
Japanese Pizza Toast / 16                                                                                    
Atsugiri” (think cut) toast, Danish salami, tomato relish, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, onion
Acai Bowl / 17                                                                                              
Acai puree, banana, berry, apple, coconut water, topped with granola, seeds, seasonal fruit
Avocado Toast / 18                                                                                                        
Smashed avocado, organic heirloom tomatoes, shiso (Japanese basil), goats cheese curd
Monaka Soba Salad / 16                                                                
Green tea soba noodles, carrots, edamame, leafy greens , cherry tomatoes, sesame or soy vinaigrette
   + Grilled Chicken Breast 7  |  + Salmon Sashimi 8

Matcha Chiffon Cake / 12

whipped cream, matcha ice cream, anko        
Japanese Parfait / 10                                                                                    
“Monaka” Ice Cream Sandwich / 6
or kids size (no anko2
Vanilla, Sesame or Matcha w anko in a monaka Japanese rice flour wafer                   
Matcha Affogato / 6     
Seasonal Muffins / 6  


Monaka Teriyaki Burger w chips / 18                                                                                  
Grilled chicken thigh fillet w Monaka Triyaki sauce, iceberg lettuce, heirloom tomato, onion, fried organic egg, QP mayonnaise
Katsu Curry | Japanese style Wagyu Beef Curry / 17                                                                                                    
Wagyu beef broth, curry, seasonal vegetables, steamed rice
   + Chicken Katsu 7  |  Slow Cooked Pork Katsu 8
Karaage w chips and salad / 16                                                           
Free range karaage (fried) chicken, nori-shio (seaweed seasoning) chips, side greens w Monaka dressing
Poke Bowl / 19                                                                                                       
Sashimi salmon on rice, pickled seaweed, sesame, edamame, fermented vegetables, mizuna greens, leafy greens, avocado
Grilled Wagyu Beef Bowl / 19                                                                                                      
Wagyu beef slice 200g, yakiniku (Japanese bbq) sauce, nori (seaweed), sesame, mizuna greens 
  + Poached egg 2
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl / 18                                                                                                      
Free range chicken thigh, gluten free teriyaki (sweet soy) sauce, nori (seaweed), sesame, mizuna greens
   + Poached egg 2
Soba Omelette / 17                                                                                                       
Japanese stir-fried noodles, organic egg, okonomiyaki (bbq) sauce, kewpie mayo, bonito flakes, cabbage, onion, bean sprouts

Natto Fermented Soy Beans | Smoked Bacon | Avocado | Eggs | Heirloom Tomatoes
Miso Soup | Asian Mushrooms



The chefs will produce both Australian and Japanese inspired dishes. Our bread will be sourced from the local bakers BERKELO in Brookvale who is devoted to using certified organic ingredients. Pastries will be made by our personal pastry chef! Expect fresh muffins, cakes and other delicious treats – with a Japanese twist!